Morten W. Simonsen

Morten is a fantasy writer from Norway. He writes in English, because Norwegian fantasy sounds way too corny.

As a teenager, his first works were simple fairytales and short stories that never saw the light of day. They were destined to lie hidden in the deep archives of trick-folders on the family-computer. In college, he began his first book, a historical fiction set in the Congo-Basin in the time of Henry Morton Stanley. Motivation slowly seeped away, and after about five chapters other projects stole the time originally allocated for writing. Next was a satirical fiction based on the life of a certain holy man, but that too died away. However, in March 2015, he began working on the book that would later evolve into Fire Within. Ever since, he has been churning out words in the hopes of one day getting published.

Writing has always been a hobby and a large part of Morten’s life and will continue to be so until he runs dry of ideas that seek blank pages. He works full-time in IT, has two kids and a wonderful wife (who asked not to be featured here, yet).

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